The Lady Said, “Caw”

The Lady of the Crows
Where did she come from?
I don’t really know
And in such a strange form

Why are my apparitions all ladies?
My sub conscious mind
With its roots in Hades
Should be more gender neutral?

But it just doesn’t work
‘The Lord of the Crows’
Lords sound like jerks
Jerking off to the public’s woes

Victims of stereotyping (they)
Deep within my scary mind?
I don’t know,  I’m just swiping
away at a keyboard of some kind

Anyway,  there’s a Crow Lady now
Along with a Robe Lady, and a Depths Lady
I don’t where they came from,  why or how
This whole phenomenon seems quite shady

The Lady of the Crows
Just stares at me
While I hear a giggle
From the Depths
It should be
But it isn’t
I already see the face of Rahu?
Nothing is scarier than that
You can take my word for that
A ten banana score on acute fright
A scale measuring neither left nor right
Though I did try and fight
I woke up from that nightmare
And I was really pissed off
Even angrier than when
The Snake Queen  stole my chastity
Or when the witches tried to find my locality
It’s all bloody crazy
Now there’s a third Lady
And they give me strength (maybe)
She came to me during Lent
Is this some significant event?
Will my poetry be filled with caws?
Will a murder descend from the sky?
Literary murder
Not literal murder
And not a flock either
Caw caw caw
My psyche raw
My persona in the draw
Safely locked away
Taken out only for parties
I get it now
The Depths bring clarity
It’s easier to see the surface of light
When I’m drowning in darkness

Dainty Lady of the Robe
Her  geometric abode
Is a feast for my brain lobes
Easily accessed by road

Caw caw caw
Breaking the law
Seeing on the saw
Revealing all my flaws

Where is my soul?
I only see a hole?
Is it still whole
When my thoughts are divided?

Dissonance,  resonating
With consonance
“But they’re assonating
I can hear one of them

Whispers of the universe
That I can no longer hear
I know that they are there
It really sucks that I’m aware
But I can’t get any closer
To hearing them

A real Shem
Stuck on an ark
And then busy
But ten bananas
For the plot pacing
His heart was racing
After all that sailing?

Dark night of the soul
Or eternal damnation?
I’ve got three ladies for company
A lady’s man of perdition
My inner search for meaning
Just a meaningless shag
After a ragtime dance
In a cantina that needs cleaning???

This Lady of the Crows
I don’t think I like her
But that just goes to show
I’m still far from being whole

Is she a part of me
That I’ve long repressed?
The thought leaves me depressed
I didn’t think I was this ugly

This poem makes sense
But perhaps only to me?
It might need a disclaimer
So that’s just what you’ll see

Ahem ahem

The contents of this poem
Are subjective
Any interpretation
Should be made with caution

Steam of consciousness
Rising from the bath tub
And in there three ladies
So much innuendo, hubba hub…

But all symbolic
They are fully clothed
One even covered by a black veil
Hail, Hail,Hail
Lady of the Crows
Welcome to the team


16 thoughts on “The Lady Said, “Caw”

    1. Maybe, Destiny. The Depths have been helpful, but I don’t know about the others. Robe is always hiding, and her assistance is not easy to see. Crow is new to the team. Let’s see what results we produce together, before I come to any conclusion. Judging by this poem, working with her feels uncomfortable… maybe because she’s new.

      Liked by 1 person

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