Not Yet

Suppose a mad person
Hearing voices
Seeing hallucinations
Smelling corruption
Feeling anguish
Tasting nothing
Could suddenly
Control his madness

Apparitions three
Appeared before me
Resulting in poetry
And many a story

Destructive criticism
Transformed into
A search for meaning
Manic visions
Into inspiration
Smells of deceit
Into a healthy detachment
Into a breathing exercise
Taste of the Abyss
Into a safe exploration

Depths to explore
Robe to stay steady
Crows to… I don’t know yet
Perhaps to lift me to the sky?
A change of perspective?
A new realm of the inner mind?

Controlling madness
Turning my weakness into strength
Could be the way
To getting out of my pit
Traumas confronted
In the recesses of my mind
Which is slowly healing
My body just needs
To build up its muscles now
And climb

I have not walked the earth
For many years now
Soon it will be time
To put on my shoes
Take a stroll outside
And confront the world of man

But not yet

(I’ve made a promise. I’ll start walking outside after my body reaches a certain level of fitness. If all goes as planned, I’ll be at my physical prime when I finish, since I’ve quit smoking… three months now. The fear of the outdoors has left me confined for too long. Anyway, I’m going to go draw. Don’t know when my next post will come out, so consider this a short hiatus notice. )


10 thoughts on “Not Yet

  1. Tanmay, I loved this affirmative verse. I hope ‘not yet’ will soon turn to ‘it’s time’. Congratulations on being off smoking for three months! Good luck with drawing. Come out, the weather is very pleasant.

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