Her Divine Tattoos

I see a beautiful woman
With such quick, nimble fingers
Lying up there on her side
My sight can’t help linger
On her tattooed right hand
Strumming her instrument
Long, wooden, with sixteen strings
And such a range of accents
One would think she’s an angel
If not for her wicked smile
And that twinkle in her eye
That brings war to plains and isle
She’s lying there in the air
Up above the world so high
My natural nemesis
Playing her music of lies
I see the divine in her
It’s there even in demons
She cannot get rid of it
Those chains tattooed on her skin

(I took a break from drawing, and then Crow showed up. I wanted to see where our collaboration would go, so the last three poems were an exploration of sorts. Each of the ladies requires a different approach. The Lady of the Robe is a difficult one to incorporate into a fusion poem with all the others, but I’m going to try, sometime later. I imagine that it would read like three separate poems written on a single theme. That might not work so well. I’ll try it once anyway. I still prefer the Depths. )


13 thoughts on “Her Divine Tattoos

    1. Thank you, Destiny 😁 Crows and Robe are much calmer than Depths. She’s the wild one. Crows does not have much technical prowess in poetry though. She is more comfortable with communicating through images. Robe is very technically savvy, and Depths is in her own category. I like writing with Depths the most.

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    1. Thank you, Punam 😁Yes, the sitar is her symbol. That’s why I changed it, since the character in this poem is very different. This one seems to be a war bringer. A beautiful looking rakshas perhaps?

      Everyone is tattooed, imo. The tattoos here are symbolic of Truth and the Path. For those who can see them, they are either liberation or imprisonment.

      These type of poems are usually written by instinct. I have the essence of the symbols in mind, but not the exact meaning. Sorry for the long explanation. If other people read this in the future, they could misinterpret this and show up at my front door looking for an explanation.

      (Edited out the rest of my comment. It had turned into a rant on modern day society)

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    2. I agree, she would be a beautiful rakshasi.
      Yes, these poems are instinctive and at times it becomes difficult to explain to others the meaning of each word or phrase. Not all poems need to be enjoyed because they are easy to understand. A poem has to speak to the reader, the language may be not interpreted as the writer intended but the important thing is it spoke! 😊
      I hate looking over my shoulder for my written words but you are right things are not conducive these days. πŸ˜“

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    3. Rakahasi πŸ˜… I made a mistake with her gender. Interestingly, these rakshasas and rakshasis were not personified in the Rig Veda (family books), and probably referred to a malevolent energy. I vaguely remember some of these things from a research project long ago… I might be wrong.

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