Samurai Cowboy on Arrakis

He rode on the wrong lane

And ended up on a desert planet

A passing sand worm went insane

But he didn’t panic

Cool as a cucumber

He spat out his cigarette

Put away his lighter

Now, he was nearly set

He unsheathed his katana

And took out his gun

Hummed a riff by Santana

And then prepared to run

Screaming, “What the fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkk!”

(Psychologically conditioned to fight, he couldn’t stop himself from looking badass, until reality hit him. That’s the poem in a nutshell.)

I wanted to do something really nice, since it has been a month since I started drawing, but I got frustrated when everything I thought of was far too advanced for my current level. So, I just copied this character, who seemed simple to draw and colour, and then drew my own simple background. I like his pose and the perspective. I think I did better with the values (light/dark) on this one, compared to my others. I was not aware of checking for this before. The worm is supposed be coming out of the ground, throwing sand everywhere in a gigantic cloud. I do not think I conveyed what I had in mind all that well. I can probably do better. There is a lot of sloppiness, but (1) I lost interest in this picture after I reached this point and (2) I wanted to post this before 1 month was officially over. I would like to take more time and care with my future artwork, but there are some things I just want to end quickly. I have to change my attitude, and finish things properly. That is a big change. I will try.

I do not know if I am progressing slowly or quickly. I have no yardstick… Anyway, I shouldn’t let that bother me… is what I keep telling myself.

I suppose that it should be much darker on his left. I am slowly learning to see these things. There’s probably a secondary light source there, something red, but I wasn’t able to convey it well.


13 thoughts on “Samurai Cowboy on Arrakis

    1. There’s some quote out there by a very popular artist that says work is never finished, only abandoned. I don’t know if I agree, but you might.

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