Automatic Jim (Cyberpunk)

Capricious ghosts haunt cyberspace
Paranormal bits and bytes scaring people

Jim connects to his interface
Hardware that is not, strictly speaking, legal
He hacks and cracks
No tracks
Relaxed, he unveils secure corpo chat logs
Quite lethal

Corpo= corporate

For dVerse (open link night)

I’m feeling the Cyberpunk blues today๐Ÿ’™


16 thoughts on “Automatic Jim (Cyberpunk)

    1. I write something called Chaos poems. I’m not sure how its different from free verse. It has no rules or structure, but does have some frantic rhyming. It’s more a state of mind, I guess. They are pretty weird.

      This was the first one that I wrote

      Counting Days


    1. Yes, they can be full of nasty surprises. There’s a thin red line which separates ethical hacking (if i can call it that. The guy here is more about striking at the establishment than anything else) from cyber terrorism. Thanks for commenting, Bjorn. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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