‘Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow’
The days ring hollow
Every day a constant refresh
Spamming Control R

Work hard for success, the same old refrain
But my work’s in the drain
Entitled to a pound of my flesh
The loan sharks brought jars

‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be’
I heard during my infancy
A song  that was sung in the creche
Accompanied by a guitar

Now,  counting days with my avian companion
Bored from my incarceration
I’m stuck within a vast mesh
Of lies and half healed scars

Is my pencil ‘2B or not 2B’?
This question begins to haunt me
Starting from Gilgamesh
I plagiarize old memoirs
(In an attempt to write my own histoire)

‘Life is as tedious as twice-told tale
Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man’
I can write forever about blazing new trails
But I’m really just walking behind the caravan

(I’m following the lead of comfort and safety
And all this ennui is driving me crazy)

Soul Food

I’m reading a recipe
In the Chicken Soul Cookbook
Spoonfuls of serenity
No added gobbledygook

I take out my trusty stove
In Pandora’s Labyrinth
The book is a treasure trove
Now let the cooking begin

Add sage , rosemary and rhyme
In a Scarborough sauce pan
Looking forward to lunchtime
I sprinkle in some lifespan

Hope stalks every movement
Made in this enormous maze
My craven soul’s improvement
Sets all my senses ablaze

Not a slurp of soul soup wasted
Liquid courage helps me stay
But I soon forget how it tasted
As I lose my way

Note: I stole the phrase Pandora’s Labyrinth from David Redpath’s poem. It was just so good…

Train to Avalon

I’m taking the train to Avalon
It’s just one stop short of Paradise Hills
I’m greeted at the station by Sir John
And the sight of a knight tilting at windmills

“Don Quixote’s wrestling with his shadow
At the Soul Tournament,” John looks and says
“Do you want to go and say hello?”
I shake my head,  I’m in too much of a mess

I  go to the ‘Lady of the Lake’ hotel
And take a bath in a white marble tub
This place feels like Endymion’s cell
The bed is moonlight soft after my scrub

The room’s decorations are so very strange
With Excalibur on the mantelpiece
I wonder how the knight Sir John arranged
For this exclusive royal suite’s release

I eat supper at the Round Table
Seated near Sir Gareth’s sister-in-law
She tells me tales of her pet sable
And about the time she was an outlaw

The holy grail placed in our midst
Overwhelms with the scent of vintage wine
The Aes Sidhe, like me,  are on the guest list
They tell me they’re descendants of Danu’s line

Magic’s in the air,  enchantment covers the isle
It can shatter the tranquil masks of the persona
Deleting all the lies from my public profile
(Integrating and transforming the anima)

Knights errant on the beach construct sand castles
With Gaudi’s impressiveness, finesse and style
Over the horizon I spot the Yggdrasil
The three Norns sit on the branches under trial

“Surf’s up, ” Lancelot shouts, jumping into the sea
Holding an enormous board made of penance
He’s grappling with his dark shadows just like me
The  deep blue waters soon mask his presence

The Lady of the Depths exits the Boundless
She waves to me and whispers into my ears
My surroundings vanish and the sea side’s now soundless
She wipes away my tears,  she’s all that I hear

She says to me,  “It’s not yet time to be here
Can’t you see that you’re still a babe- a-crawling?
Hold my hand and I will help you disappear”
In her clasp I feel that the sky is falling

I’m now back in my room, back as a squire
Back to all that ugly yellow wallpaper
But my trip to Avalon has inspired
An escape plan,  I gather pen and paper

A/N: Explanation of some terms for those who are unfamiliar. This poem goes all over the place.

Endymion: in Greek mythology, a youth who spent much of his life in perpetual sleep. The goddess of the moon was in love with Endymion, and asked Zeus to grant him eternal youth. Zeus agreed, and made him sleep forever.

Don Quixote: character in a Spanish epic novel by Miguel de Cervantes. He’s quite eccentric.

Sir Gareth’s sister in law : Lynette, a pain in the neck.

Aes Sidhe: supernatural race in Celtic mythology comparable to fairies or elves

Danu: A goddess

Gaudi: Antoni Gaudí i Cornet was a Catalan architect from Spain.

The Norns: deities in Norse mythology responsible for shaping the course of human destinies.

Yellow wall paper: Short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I’m using it here to depict psychosis and depression

Jungian archetypes

Shadow: those aspects of the personality that we choose to reject and repress. 

Persona: a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual.”

Anima: the unconscious feminine side of a man, transcending the personal psyche. 

Push the Envelope (Fibonacci)

Star dust
We’re living
Lives Linearly
Let’s Spiral out like Galaxies
Push the envelope-
The world bends
Reach out

Much further this time
Explore the newness of each day
Forget the analyses, and forget the logic
Don’t be jailed by geometry
Draw outside the lines

(The poem doesn’t spiral properly if you view it through the WP Reader apparently)

The Song of Conflict

Eagles swooping
Hunting for prey
Spooks a snooping
On the global buffet
Nuclear soups
And rifle stews
Doled out in scoops-
A dozen coups

Empires marching
Leaving wakes of blood
The Red Sea’s a parting
There are bones in the mud
Divide and conquer
The name of the game
Redrawing borders
While they kill and maim

The Lady of the depths
Plays on her wooden flute
A melancholic breath
For never ending disputes

Her mellow song has inspired these words
Her melody taken up by the birds
As they share the tune to the wind and sky:
It begins to rain, when it should be dry

The Highway

Watching the traffic on the temporal highway
Mass hysteria is how you get high these days
Too baked to hit the brakes
All the drivers- in tempo-
Nodding to the tune of Pavlov’s siren

Relax, take a step back and breathe
Stop being blinded by the headlights
Make a pit stop, take your time to think
Little Twin,  hack society’s programming

The right and the woke
Playing a game of dodgem on the road
Most days, this age feels unreal
2022, wtf!

In some ways,  it is as it always was

Cowboys and Indians riding their steeds
Trying to call down a rain of fire
Like the sons of thunder on the Samaritans
Racism seems eternal,  our moral values antediluvian
Nothing has changed over the centuries

Relax,  take a step back and breathe, she says
Love always finds a way
Stop at the saloon and dance to a rag
Carpe diem baby,  one day at a time

(My poetry still seems a little… unpolished. I’m trying…)

Giant Steps of Despair

‘Giant steps’ across the keys
Coltrane’s virtuosity
Too much for the pianist
His solo comes,  he persists

To me it sounds a little sluggish, a little wrong
An exasperated sigh to the rest of the song


The introduction done
It’s time to take a deep dive
To my subconscious mind – scary
Stream of consciousness style


Let’s start with my trial- hostile
A bad time,  ate away my prime
Leaving me a dime
In damages


I’m stuck in the piano solo of life
Surrounded by that manic saxophone
Tattoos of the melody- my cheat sheet
Keeping to the tempo -my capstone


Failure seems normal,  inevitable
Heritable, so I’ll stay single
I’m not exactly an eligible bachelor
Being locked up forever in the wine cellar

(My child with Despair needs my full support
Food, clothes, tuition, toys,  and the therapist)


The past glory of the sax solo
Like Ozymandias’ statue
Worn,  forgotten,  an eternal memory
What comes after? The main tune again
Optimism pushes me forward for a moment
Can I relive past glory? No, it won’t be the same
I’m building a house out of debris and broken bricks


Mainlining Hell

Let me tell you a story that chills
All your marrow- sub zero- with thrills
Of horror, tragedy,  love and rage
It all began when I met this sage


The man told me to walk up a hill
If I wanted to feel fulfilled
This was my way out of despair
He said while giving me a strange stare


What did he see with his mystical eyes?
I remember thinking ‘fore I said bye
And so did my hard journey begin
I climbed up to atone for my sin


Up the hill,  with the summit in sight
I continued to climb despite the night
With the moonlight as my only guide
I did not for a second break my stride


Unaware of a presence close to me
None of the night’s horror did I see
Until I reached my destination
Where I witnessed an abomination


A mass of flesh wriggling on the ground
It was only then that I turned around
My heart stopped beating for a brief moment
Was I doomed to die without atonement?


A line of skeletons walked up the path
Zombies behind them ready for a bloodbath
Armed with machete and sword, knife and ax
Was this to be my useless life’s climax?


I was numb with fear when they passed me by
Hell had ascended that night,  I don’t know why
Their dead souls chanted to a stone cairn
And an unholy wind made me turn


My eyes to the quaking burial mound
Then the chant began to change its sound
To something bizarre and infernal
Something ice cold, dark and  nocturnal


I fell to my knees, unable to stand
As the cairn was destroyed by a giant hand
A beautiful woman arose from the debris
“Ah, at last, ” she cried,  “At last I am free!”


The wriggling piece of flesh had transformed
Into the woman within the undead swarm
She looked at me and then laughed with glee
She said,  “You came for me,  my beloved Dee.”


I nodded,  it was safest to play along
Only then did the undead stop their song
She walked towards me while humming a tune
Looking like a marble statue under the moon


She towered over me, she was nine feet tall
She smelled of lilac mixed with ethanol
She patted my head and bent to kiss my cheeks
Stopping only when the zombies began to shriek


“Leave us, ” she roared to her fearsome army
And they vanished just like all my bacardi
Poof, they were gone,  with no sign of their existence
What next,  I wondered,  with no thought of resistance


Perhaps it was my expression that stopped her caress
She seemed to realize that I was in much distress
“Five thousand years I’ve waited for you, ” she sighed
While wiping  the tears away from her big eyes


“Wait, you’re not him, ” she said
Her face began to turn red
I was now as good as dead
My mind turned blank from the dread


Her eyes glowed and she began to snarl
She looked like a tree with a two hump gnarl
The veins in her forehead throbbed so rapidly
I could think of only one escape strategy


I jumped down the hill,  the fall lasted so long
I counted time, and realized something was wrong
I landed in my neighbor’s swimming pool

He didn’t mind my presence,  he’s really cool


That night,  in my bed,  I heard the woman’s voice
“I saved you,  my toy,   now you have to make a choice”
My fragile psyche couldn’t take it any longer
I went to the sage,  asking him to make me stronger


He wrote me a prescription,  aripiprazole twice a day
And she never found me again,  now everything’s okay
Bland , boring, tasteless, colorless, odorless, and lifeless
Safe,  secure,  rational,  without crisis and the giantess


(But she’s still out there somewhere
So venture up the hill If you dare)

Sakura Kenjutsu – A Haiku Medley

Sweet sakura song
No deception in music
From cherry blossom

Sharp steel Katana
Too deadly to use indoors
Slice wind in garden

Wakizashi sheathed
Pink blossoms settle on hilt
His Katana flows

Hattori Hanzo
Leaping on dojo rooftops
Stops to breathe cherry

Under cherry tree
Friends become firm blood brothers
With sake and true oaths

Red blossoms flow like rivers
Ieyasu bathes

Near sakura tree
Truth heals wounded warrior
While he spars with wind

written: October 29, 2018

Between Oz and Kansas

Unused to fresh skies and lullabies
The air became toxic
So used to those sycophant rush highs
Tinman grew hypoxic
Too giddy then to meet Dorothy


In a little grove neath even-star
Marble goddesses danced
And free faerie folk pranced


In a lonely cove not far away
The sun made symphony
With moonlit ecstacy


Scattering blue ocean with their warmth
As wooden ships went past
Pale Indian casks to last


Adventurers sailed the seven seas
Flirting with the sirens
Then landfall and herons


Kraken grooved within depths unmeasured
In step to magnetism
And his friend Magellan


Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion and Wizard
Marveled at the sights from hot air balloon


written October 26, 2018