A Dose of Chaos, Rx

“Drink,” the Lady of the Depths said

“A small dose of chaos is good for your health”

Health makes wealth or so they say

I’d gambled all of mine away

In The Gravy Train Casino

Leaving me in colourless rags

“Rambling on is real freedom man,”

My new friends said to me

While we slept in empty houses

Made friends with the Mouse

Declared war against the Louse

But I had to eventually leave

Strain my spirit with a sieve

Do something right and noble

Just and good, heroic even

And that’s when she came to me

Offering mithridate, incense and a cure

I drank the chaos in her vial

It tasted something vile

With a hint of a wicked smile

And the aftertaste of mint

I barfed up some lint

And discovered to my surprise

That I had been teleported away

To a deserted place

Green grass, swarming bees

Bonsai trees and brain freeze

“What is this?” I clutched my head in pain

“Am I alive or have I been slain?”

My life’s ending like wiping clean a stain

It felt good to go out that way

But then that refrain of pain

Made me realize I still held breath

This was not to be my death

I looked at my reflection in a pool

Five mes looked back, I swear it’s true

Each wore a different face

Different clothes, different styles

Different mannerisms, one looked sly

They pulled me under

I resisted their grasp

But with the force of five mes

I soon collapsed

“Behold Carthage,” they declared

A prosperous cityscape

Began to take shape

Within the pool

Where I drowned

“Destroyed from within,”

My reflections said

As black tendrils swirled

“Then destroyed from without,”

Legions marched and buildings crashed

I looked at the soldiers and wondered

I wondered

If their hairy throats were parched

I wondered

If the centurion’s helmet feathers were starched

I wondered

What would happen if I hid some bird seed in there

I wondered

Would his uniform still fit if he was bitten by a wolfy were?

“What frivolous thoughts,” the sly one roared

“Why think of such things when you soar?

Your soul is empty and we bring you feed

But you’d rather think of starchy plumes and seed?

This city is YOU! We show you your doom

Behold your iron barred room”

Well, as long as the wallpaper wasn’t yellow

I remember thinking

My reflections glared, all five of them

“You’ll never amount to anything!

Inner destruction precedes the outer

You’d best be prepared for the slaughter

Your spirit is weak

Your flesh weaker still

Go back now and regain your will”

The pool of reflections

Rejected my body

Was my mind too shoddy?

I was shot out in a spout

Where a fisherman catching trout

Carried me to safety

He started quoting John

And then asked me what was wrong

I didn’t know where to begin

I didn’t even know my sin

He nodded in understanding

Though I told him nothing

I then boarded a swan

And returned to my yellow room

Counting Days (Chaos)

“Sit back and relax” they said

While a maniac with a rusty knife

Shaved the top of my head

His wife singing of strife

“A life for a life”, is what she sang

His knife rusted from tear drops

He trimmed away my wyrd

He cut apart my self

Stowed it in the kitchen shelf

Marinated and kept

For the harvest festival

“Behold!” he declared

“Your new and bold look”

Free now from the madman

Head light with mayhem

I ran away tout de suite

With a craving for meat

While the screens screeched

To the view of a snowstorm

Hyperesthesia they call it

I’d gone and forgotten it

The ringing in my ears

I’d have none of it

But it persisted

Despite my best efforts

To shut my hears

And sing a lullaby

At the top of my voice

Voices clear and distant

From half the world away

Forcing me to sway

To the tune

Of a million burning effigies

Hanging upside down

Singing of salvation

Three dollars a gallon

Two fifty if you buy it from the tantric

Who’s into a lot of kinky shit

“Thou shalt bear no frown”

The court declared

When I asked for a refund

I settled for an antique blunderbuss

I had no other choice

It was either that or a porpoise

I left the judge with a grimace

For which he held me in contempt

“Paste a smile

Taste the sweet goodness

Of a life fully brewed

Fifteen years or your life’s savings”

Imprisoned again

My cellmate a hen

Who lay golden eggs

That sparkled when scrambled

An omelette that crackled

I counted the days

Of my incarceration

With tally marks

On the moldy walls

And scratches

On the prison bars

Counting the days

Desperate for rays

While my cellmate

Greeted every hour as morning

I counted the days

And counted again

Supper with the Witch

Turpentine tarts and kerosene crepes
Noxious nuts and sulphuric souffles
We went to the witch’s house for tea
She served us these treats as you can see

“No thank you, we’ve just dined,” I tried to tell her
But she wouldn’t budge, she said, “STAY HERE FOR SUPPER!!!”
Irradiated rotis and bauxite breads
Fluorescent fishes with huge grotesque heads

A green octopus with seven faces
A most ordinary bouillabaisse
Ants on a stick, caterpillars fried deep
A red horned thing that seemed to be asleep

Salicylic soup and styrofoam stew
A roasted turkey which was completely blue
Caustic chicken curry, boric minced beef
Lithium lemonade as an apertif

There was magic in the food she prepared
Perhaps that’s why our stomachs were spared
We trudged back home our hunger sated
Agitated with thoughts of reactions belated


His inner demons swim on his skin
A raving madman they call him
Holding placard, ‘The End is Near’
Passers-by scurry away in fear

Is he a prophet or filled with despair?
Perhaps he is both, or perhaps neither
“Why aren’t you running away?” he asks me
He wears a tired face that longs to be free
He sighs with such real suffering and sorrow
He’s so certain that there will be no tomorrow

“How will the world end?” I ask the ragged man
He plays a beat on one of his rusty pans
“With fire and blood, eruptions and earthquakes
With rage and envy, pride and soft poisoned cakes
You will see it soon too, I guarantee you”
He cackles, “sit back, relax, enjoy the view”

Does he really see it all just end?
Is there a way we can flee?
I keep wondering how to contend
As I wander off around the bend

Rainbow Knight

Covered in soot from chasing rainbows
Allured onward by the seven light glow
Hungering to walk in soft shimmer
His heart heated by VIBGYOR simmer
The knight errant trudged on in his quest
So consumed that he did barely rest
Navigating a maze of gutter ways
While heaven bound ever lay his gaze

“You’re too obsessed” his friends oft tried to say,
“Come joust with us, or find dragon to slay”
“Afterwards” the knight would then reply
“I thirst too deeply for the rainbow sky”
He journeyed past pyramids and towers
He slashed his way past man eating flowers
He sailed across the sea within a whale
But the rainbow still refused to end his tale

He launched javelins to pin it down
He refused the summons from the crown
He tamed a dragon and took flight
But still he gained no new insight
He scaled the highest mountains peaks
Where red robed monks walked with ruddy cheeks
He chased a black storm through lava lakes
He walked on despite landslide and earthquake
But no matter how he approached the light
The bow would soon disappear from his sight

The Hunter

Canopy green breaking out in eaves
A rooftop of shimmering leaves
The father protecting child with spear
Under moonlight he nods the all clear
They tread upon ancient cemetary
Forest has reclaimed all that’s stationary
Ancient spirits cry out in anger and pain
Father and son think they’re going insane
They feel short of breath in this atmosphere
Their hearts are heavy and filled with great fear

They hunt through the night, darting through the bush
They find their prey, and make ready to ambush
What’s it doing so far from water?
The goose vanishes, safe from slaughter
“It was a spirit” the hunter says to son
“Let’s pray that we don’t become such a one”
A lone white feather floats in the air
And lands upon a big brown bear
“Hunter! Hunter!” The forest sprites chant
“Great hunter” sings every forest plant

Then it is suddenly very silent
His ears ringing he starts his violence
Bear and man each battle for survival
The hunter dodges left, hits something vital
“You were a worthy enemy,” he says
“A shame we met tonight, I confess”
Bats screech above while he disembowels his prey
The hunter quickly packs the meat away
“Soon,” he tells his son, “we’ll be in the prairie
“Soon, we’ll live outside the forest, grow some cherry
A big red house with fields of golden wheat
With lots and lots of neighbours to meet and greet”
With a longing smile the hunter then narrates
Utopia, the best that he can articulate

A Tour of my Mind

Welcome to my mind, good gents and ladies.
Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as Hades.
Are you ready for this mystery tour?
Please close your eyes as we begin to soar.

Here you’ll see all manner of strange beings;
Be careful, be wary, some of them have stings.

There you see hiding behind the red door,
Dangerous Jake, one you’d best not ignore.
Nod and smile, ladies and gents… just keep waving.
Dangerous Jake is big, mean, lean and raving.

Phew! That was a close one. Now into the sun.
There’s Dew Honeybrew cartwheeling for fun.
He does a lot of stupid things for mead;
He once painted stripes on his trusty steed.

Over there gargling with chicken soup
is Coldsore Harry trapped in a loop.

Lying on that cloud tanning his skin
is Tranquil Shawn. Namaste! Peace within.
“Peace out bro,” I think he replied,
but his brain’s more than a little fried.

In the dark shadow below lies Sir Tim,
knighted by the Faerie Queene on a whim.
He lies here in a perpetual trance.
He hears about strange events in advance.

Kind ladies and gents please don’t run away;
There’s so much more to see and more to say.
Sir Tim, what the hell did you say to them?
Why do you always rant on about mayhem?

We didn’t even get to the hypothalamus,
or land upon the cingulate gyrus isthmus.

Is anyone still here? Hello? Hello? Oh no!
Aw! I guess I’ll go home now and eat some Jell-O.

Spirit of this Age

Down by the ferry
the water turns red;
A floating obituary
to our hearts beating lead.

Spirits unwary,
we’ll soon be dead;
Toxic injury
in our every tread.

Children of the Ice
scurrying through the streets;
Frozen voices singing
a bewitching melody.

Cold hearts resonating,
refusing to be warmed.
Poison on our breath,
in our eyes a storm.

Up on the mountains
the clouds unleash hail;
Some folk hoping to be swallowed
by Pinocchio’s whale.

A river of sludge
marking new trail.
A river of spite,
souls now up for sale.

Spirit of this age,
look  at what you have wrought!
A dose of cyanide
in every hungry mouth.

Desperate men meting out hell,
killing their brothers,
raping all others…
Undo this dark spell!

Under a Red Moon

A soft breeze beneath the red harvest moon
Rocks glowing bright by light of ancient runes
The frenzied screams of the village buffoon
A flute playing a melancholic tune

Red stone idols crack in the village shrine
While a strangely clad figure drinks some wine

Lovers kiss on hidden mountain platform
They must be discrete or risk brewing storms

Ancient magics benign and terrible
Make the night air dense, tense, unbearable

The flautist plays with chaos and order
Master of syncopating disorder

Ghosts and wraiths travel down to the valley
Waiting for midnight, their big finale

In a distant cavern a banshee wails
While demons go forth cutting rabbit tails

The village idiot cackles with glee
While he dances around the haunted tree

The chieftain’s wife sleep walks to the gutter
When she wakes she is all of a flutter

Peace returns where the strange clad man enters
The flute’s ghostly melody recenters
“Just another night” the exorcist says
While he places talismans on banshee’s face

A/N he’s a Shinto exorcist